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Ab Rogers reveals May Design Series concept

Ab Rogers reveals May Design Series concept


May Design Series vision

Ab Rogers’ studio has had the design world talking with an array of projects that stretch the imagination and possibilities of spatial design – from the playful Rainbow House, a home in Notting Hill with a series of colourful spaces and a slippery slide connecting the bedroom to the living room, to a striking Comme des Garcons retail space in central Paris with a pavilion filled with dancing cubes.

Rogers’ exhibition design for the upcoming May Design Series promises to be just as engaging, surprising and playful, with Rogers setting out to “create a new type of trade show which feels quite different to what is out there now.”

“We’re studying a way to get people inspired within the environment and create a trade show which has warmth and humour,” Rogers explains.

May Design Series vision

Inspired by the idea of the four separate design ‘districts’ of the show – KBB, Interiors LDN, the ARC Show and DX – forming a cityscape to be experienced and explored, Rogers will create a “powerful geometrical environment, making things multi-faceted in order to create this landscape inspired by the city,” he says. Visitors will be guided through the space by a dynamic combination of colour and form in a design with a strong element of surprise – “a play on showing and revealing at the same time,” Rogers says. Punctuating the journey will be a series of “special moments” – breakout areas, a champagne bar, a DX bar, a custom-designed lecture theatre – each of which will create an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the show environment and a unique experience in itself.

May Design Series vision

Rogers’ design is characterised by strong lines and distinctive forms, a “Matisse-like collection of planes” that will tie the space together visually and embody the May Design Series identity.

May Design Series vision

“We were excited by the angular planes within the graphic template of the May Design Series logo; that became a very strong inspiration for this direction,” Rogers explains. Shapes will “fold and articulate, wrap around and fold back, different shapes will intersect, creating new and intriguing forms.”

“What we do is create stories around environments and products which makes them come alive,” says Rogers of his studio’s mission. “Through design and innovation, we will seduce you.” His “optimistic, forward-looking, technology-inspired” vision for the May Design Series looks set to do just that.

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Opening Times for 2015

Sun 17 May 09:00 - 18:00           
Mon 18 May 09:00 - 20:00
Tues 19 May 09:00 -17:00

May Design Series 2015
will take place at ExCeL,

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