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Exhibitor Testimonials

Nick Garratt, Managing Director:
“We’ve been pleased with visitor numbers this year and the atmosphere has been generally upbeat and optimistic as trade has started to pick up in recent months. Ercol has launched some great new products which make up 50% of the stand, all of which have been received well and seen many orders placed, which we are looking forward to fulfilling.
London is an attractive prospect in terms of location for the show. Birmingham frequently delivers a disappointing number of international visitors, and the move to London looks set to change this.”

Alan Dunthorne, National Sales Manager:
“We are very pleased with the number of leads and interest generated at INTERIORS; we have achieved a great deal of what we had anticipated from the show. Going forward however, Lladro relish the opportunity to exhibit in London, as this is where we believe our new Design led products need to be seen – we’re delighted that there is finally set to be a first half London event that give our collections the exposure to truly showcase them. The ExCeL works well as an exhibition venue, and we’re looking forward to joining the line-up!”
Phillip Westgarth of Westgarth Furniture, UK agent to Sits: “Both Westgarth Furniture and Sits felt that it was time to participate in a London based furniture show. The industry needed a successful London event to compete with the international fairs in the likes of Cologne and Milan, but crucially the timing of the May Design Series means that not only is it positioned perfectly to catch the peak of the retail cycle, but it does not clash with any other significant events on the calendar - making it an important place for Sits to be. The May Design Series is the ideal opportunity to showcase Sits to the contract market, as well as independent retailers, and we are looking forward to what promises to be a lucrative show. It’s good to see a London venue become home to an international interiors trade event.”

Visitor Testimonials

Iain Mitchell, MD at Iain James Furniture: “Our industry is evolving and the show is evolving with it. We’re hoping that the move to London will introduce us to more interior designers, as well as more export clientele. Branding the show as The Furniture Show at May Design Series is a positive move – it’s always been synonymous with the show and will help to give it the identity it needs.

Birmingham has been a great venue for many years and we’ve had successful shows here, but the show needs to move on, move forward and hopefully this will be the right step to take for everybody involved.”

Ashleigh Pell, General Manager at PD Global: “We’re very happy that the show is going down to London – there’s no risk of snow in May and we can spread the year out in terms of trade shows. It’s great that it’s called The Furniture Show – we’ve been suggesting this for years so we were very happy when we got the call! The rebranding is one of the most important parts of the move; it might be just words but it stands for something that has been going for so long.
The venue is so well connected that people who may have reservations will be won over when they get to see it. Its purpose built, very modern, and every transport link is available – City Airport is right on the doorstep! We’re very happy and hope to be able to convince any sceptics that this move is for the best.
I think that the move will draw more international visitors, and we expect to get an enhanced audience at the London show. The Furniture Show has been at the NEC for around 20 years, and change is good! ExCeL provides a better visitor experience, and the May timeline is also very important. It’s going to be essential to take part in this trade show.”

Matthew O’Flynn, MD at John Sankey: “The show might be changing its name, but the industry sees INTERIORS UK as The Furniture Show anyway – changing the name reflects what everybody believes the show should always have been called. We believe that our brand will work very well in London. We’re absolutely convinced that there is a huge audience that never travel outside of London to be tapped. The move to May is also very exciting as there aren’t many competitor shows on the May timeline, which is a good thing. A trade show like this is vital for the UK industry to be able to project itself to a worldwide audience.”

Opening Times for 2015

Sun 17 May 09:00 - 18:00           
Mon 18 May 09:00 - 20:00
Tues 19 May 09:00 -17:00

May Design Series 2015
will take place at ExCeL,

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