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Exhibit at the 2015 show

The Furniture Show at the May Design Series

As you may already know, INTERIORS UK will be moving to London as The Furniture Show at the May Design Series for 2015. In-depth research conclusively showed that the market wants a May furniture event. The Furniture Show at the May Design Series will represent the needs identified by the industry and ensure the best buying and selling opportunity for visitors and exhibitors alike. This is a positive step to putting the UK furniture industry on the global calendar - make sure you are part of if. 

If you would like more information about exhibiting at the Furniture Show at the May Design Series please contact Oonagh Colligan on +44 (0)777 461 3641 or

Why are we moving?

Over the course of the last year we have conducted in-depth research with representatives from all areas of the furniture and interior design industries. The research conclusively showed that the market wants a May furniture event.

Here are a few reasons why we have made the decision to move the INTERIORS UK to London, as part of the May Design Series and how it will benefit YOU: 

  • A better buying timeline for manufacturers' and retailers away from the January madness of extended retail sales. May represents the finale of the launch season; products have been tested and buyers are eager to make decisions and buy for the key Autumn/ Winter period. 
  • Out of the possible 12 months, 63% of audience unanimously chose one month – May.
  • London is home to the UK's largest collection of retailers, interior designers, property developers and architects - these buyers will be on your doorstep.
  • It will create a better business opportunity. The UK market demands a comprehensive event to untie buyers and sellers across the UK and rest of the world under one roof. The May Design Series, featuring the Furniture Show will create a large scale event for buyers to source from the UK's most varied selection of commercially viable furniture products from across the globe.
  • This is a huge step towards putting the UK furniture industry on the global calendar. Be part of celebrating and promoting the UK furniture industry to a global audience. 

Read our FAQ's to read more about how the move will affect you.

Learn more about the May Design Series.


" London is the capital of the country, so why shouldn't it be the capital of the industry? I'm confident that London is the best place for the show to be going forward"  Mazhar Ayub, Managing Director, Highgate Beds. 

"London is an attractive prospect in terms of location for the show. Birmingham frequently delivers a disappointing number of international visitors, and the move to London looks set to change this" Nick Garrat, Managing Director, Ercol.

"Lladro relish the opportunity to exhibit in London, as this is where we believe our new design led products need to be seen - we're delighted that there is finally set to be a first half London event that five our collections the exposure to truly showcase them" Alan Dunthorne, National Sales Manager, Lladro.

"The industry needed a successful London event to compete with the international fairs in the likes of Cologne and Milan, but crucially the timing of the May Design Series means that not only is it positioned perfectly to catch the peak of the retail cycle, but it does not clash with any other significant events on the calendar" Phillip Westgarth, UK Agent to Sits.



Opening Times for 2015

Sun 17 May 09:00 - 18:00           
Mon 18 May 09:00 - 20:00
Tues 19 May 09:00 -17:00

May Design Series 2015
will take place at ExCeL,

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